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In the spotlight series, we bring in one Remotish team member at a time for a quick chat about marketing, career, HubSpot, and life. Today we are introducing another one of our employees: Mariana Godsen.

Mariana is basically Marie Kondo for CRMs, a former professional journalist, a native Portuguese speaker from Brazil, a wine pro with sommelier training and experience, a newly-certified yoga teacher, and more! Mariana's various talents and expertise make her great at tackling any project and pitching in to help her team members while staying calm under pressure.

You can read or listen to the interview below:

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Work Life

What is your role at CMO?

Yeah, so I'm a HubSpot Implementation Specialist. So basically, I take care of all things CRM. I do a lot of database cleanup, troubleshooting. I also migrate from other CRMs, to HubSpot. And generally speaking, I build anything inside HubSpot.


Depending on the type of project I'm working on, if it's a CRM migration, I would spend a lot of time researching and testing how to rebuild the client's operation in HubSpot. So I have a lot of meetings with our team and the clients until it's time for deployment.

If we are auditing HubSpot, I always have an Excel sheet handy -- as I'm always auditing HubSpot and documenting. So when I'm not doing client work, I'm also documenting our company's process, or creating content for our own marketing.

What is your favorite HubSpot tool?

Definitely, because it's easy to use...especially now that I experienced other CRMs during migration. It just makes me appreciate even more this tool because it already does everything, and I'm not gonna make a massive destruction. Most things that you can't do in HubSpot can be done with integration or web hooks. So I think it's just super intuitive and easy.

What’s the best thing about remote life?

I love not wasting time commuting, getting dressed up. Or just like being social when I don't feel like it has a big impact on my quality of life. And I also prefer to eat at home. So this is healthier and cheaper.

What blogs, Podcasts, groups, etc. would you recommend our readers follow?

I would say that my favorite blog remains Brain Pickings. I've been reading this for a long time and I never get tired of it. And I like the Guild Somm podcast. I was a sommelier in the past life. So I still like to read about and listen to about wine.

Marie Forleo. I recently found out about this podcast called How to Fail with Elizabeth Day. It's really nice. And anything about the School of Life --so they have books, articles, YouTube videos, everything. I love their content.

And I think for books, I would say a lot of Portuguese stuff. So, if you're interested in some Portuguese literature, send me an email. I'll be there.


Life Life

What do you do when you are not Hubspotting for our clients?

I'm usually I practicing yoga or reading or writing or sipping wine...or reading about wine. Most recently, I've been trying to grow plants and bake. And I have faith that it will work out at some point because it hasn't been very successful. 


To be myself and not fear that.

What is your motto or personal mantra?

Oh, I don't have like a pretty sentence to share. But I could say that it's a daily reminder that things change. I have no control over others. And whatever the challenge is, I am not only fully capable of figure it out, but it will also pass.


I am not sure if I have a superpower, but I feel like I'm pretty good at learning languages.

Where do you live and why do you love living there?

So I recently moved from San Diego to rural Pennsylvania. And most people think I've gone crazy. But, I'm happy with this change and I'm really enjoying having space. Not sharing a wall.
It's so peaceful and quiet. I see so many animals outside. I am not like super worried about money and big achievements. So it's a more of a grounding lifestyle. 

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Jen is the Sr. Operations Manager at Remotish. Her work includes creating plans, processes, and programs such as a knowledge management program (wiki), a comprehensive employee onboarding program, and a referral partner program that generates 45% of company revenue and earned her the top 2022 Heroes of RevOps award from She was chosen to be a HubSpot RevOps correspondent at INBOUND2021 and has appeared as a panelist on the INBOUND After Hours show and at the MoPros Career Fair. Jen’s love of research, writing, and lifelong learning is currently demonstrated by working on a book about RevOps.


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