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Today we are introducing one of our employees: Jen Bergren. In this series, we will bring in one Chief Martech Officer team member at a time for a quick chat about marketing, career, HubSpot, and life.

Jen is a woman of many talents, as you will see below in this interview, and a super human who is always available to help and grow as a team. We love Jen!

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Work life

What is your role at CMO? 

I am the Client Services Manager, so I spend most days making sure our CMO team has everything they need to make sure our clients are happy! I support and advise our client services team members through training, mentorship, process, and other operational efficiencies including being the ultimate overseer of our project management system. Internal communication is a big part of the job! 

I previously had the client-facing roles of consultant and technologist so those experiences have given me a lot of knowledge about our clients' goals and challenges. Some of my recent big projects include creating a detailed employee onboarding process and a new client onboarding process.

What is your favorite HubSpot tool?

So it’s not exactly a tool, but as someone who loves learning, I think the free HubSpot certifications and other learning center content are super helpful and very valuable. A lot of the training is useful even for people who don’t use HubSpot, since it covers marketing theory and best practices in general. I highly recommend it.

What’s the best thing about remote life?

I don’t think I can name just one thing! I’d say my favorite things about remote life are creating my own schedule for the day that really blends work and life and not having to be “on” for a specific block of 8 hours every day, not wasting time in traffic or doing other things in an office that are not productive - basically being more productive is really satisfying. I also have plans for traveling a lot in a few years, and remote work will give me the ability to do that, which is exciting.

What is your biggest achievement to date?

I think that would be a tie between starting and running a business for 5 years, a business which I shut down two years ago but it was an achievement and great learning experience! And that achievement would be tied with earning a master’s degree. I finished my MBA in February so that’s still top of mind as a big achievement.

What blogs, podcasts, groups, etc. would you recommend our readers follow?

Too many, I am a newsletter and blog junkie! I subscribe to a lot of podcasts but don’t listen to them as much as I enjoy reading. if I was commuting I’d definitely take advantage of more podcasts. Aside from HubSpot-related resources and our own:

*Bonus For more business or less specifically marketing things:


Life Life

What do you do when you are not HubSpotting for our clients?

I am a big advocate for advancing women in business and leadership, basically gender equality, so I attend a lot of events such as Ellevate Network's (I’m the Marketing Lead for the San Diego Chapter), Girls in Tech, Changemaker Chats, and I blog about these events to help spread the word. I also have a weekly newsletter on the topic of women+business+style.

The more casual, fun things I do outside of work include reading, writing, watching superhero movies, exercising, shopping, and walking my crazy orange foxy dog named Tawny.

What is your motto or personal mantra?

I love self-improvement and discovery, and since I’ve gone through a couple of career changes I have done a lot of it! One of the best personal tagline development programs I’ve seen is Sally Hogshead’s Fascination Advantage, which helped me create my tagline of Innovative ideas, Stylish Solutions, combining my superpower of creative problem solving with my interest in design, fashion, all things style-related.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Watching TV and movies, mostly ones not set in the real world (recently Avengers, Game of Thrones, etc.).

Do you have a unique talent?

I don’t think I have any kind of quirky type of unique talent, as far as non-work talents I do think I’m pretty good at budget shopping, finding the best deal that fits all the parameters I’m looking for, honed from years of experience.

Where do you live and why do you love living there?

I live near Little Italy San Diego, I love living downtown so I can walk almost everywhere I need to go, which makes me feel very connected to the city, and feel active and healthy. This is something I dreamt about while living in a rural area growing up where walking places wasn’t really an option. I like living in San Diego in general since there is no winter, unlike the East Coast and Midwest where I’ve lived before.


*Since this interview Jen has been promoted to HubSpot Marketing Consultant, so her role has changed.

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