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Ben Rubin Databox Blog Media Mention

Earlier this month, Remotish's Senior Business Development Strategist, Ben Rubin, was featured in the Databox blog, "9 Ways to Unblock Bottlenecks to Boost Your Sales Velocity Rate". The interview was conducted by Mara Calvello, a content marketing manager at G2 Communications and a freelance writer at Databox, alongside some of the top leaders in the sales community.

Ben shared with Mara how he recommends collaborative quote building to avoid sticker shock in sales calls.

This blog recaps the blog's highlights: 

What Is Sales Velocity and Why Is It Important?

If you find that deals are going nowhere, or prospects no longer seem interested in your products or services, you may want to boost your sales velocity. A business can calculate sales velocity by analyzing how fast deals move through your sales pipeline.

A high sales velocity is a crucial measurement for all businesses, as it determines whether or not the business will succeed.

How Do You Measure Sales Velocity?

Once you've measured sales velocity, you should monitor a number of metrics that are related to sales velocity, including deal value, win rate, and length of the sales cycle.

You can increase sales velocity by reducing your sales cycle, being transparent with customers, and running social media ads.

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