August 2020 HubSpot Product Updates

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If you use HubSpot, the monthly product updates are a must to keep track of, so you can stay up-to-date with all the new features, tools and changes to the platform.

Below we've recapped what's happened since July's product updates

HubSpot Product Updates  

In this blog, we will go through each update below in more detail:

For all the additional updates that were from July, feel free to watch the video below:

  • Workflows “Wait Until” Delays
  • Meetings Link Edit Permissions
  • Bulk Unenroll for Sequences
  • Sequence Delays Updates
  • Tasks in Gmail
  • App Certification
  • Multi-Pipeline Sync from Salesforce
  • Include Custom HTML to the Head of Individual Blog Post
  • Themes and Serverless Functions in the Design Manager
  • Blog Subscription Emails for CMS Hub

Click the image below to watch the video now:



Create Blog Author Profiles in Multiple Languages



If you remember, there was an update in July 2020 that allowed you to create multi-language blogs, but if you clicked on an author’s profile, it was only available in one language. Now blog profiles can be in multiple different languages!

To do this, go to:

  • The blog tool
  • Select ‘author’s
  • Hover over a blog author, click more and you’ll see the options to create a multi-language variation

*This is now available to all CMS Hub customers, as well as all Marketing Hub Professional & Enterprise customers. 


Create Multi-Language Blog Tags


With the increase in people and businesses going online in 2020, Hubspot has been stepping up their multi-language functionalities. As a complement to the above mentioned updates, they have also decided to create multi-language blog tags.

This allows you to create tags your blog’s language and if different variations are needed, they can be grouped together. 

To do this, go to:


  • The blog tool
  • Select tags
  • Hover over a tag, click more, and create multi-language variation

*This update is now available for all CMS Hub customers, as well as Marketing Hub Professional & Enterprise customers.


New Zoom Settings Page To Manage Data Sync For Webinars



Want an easier way to manage your Zoom webinar settings page? 

This new feature include 3 functions:

  • Auto-Sync data from all new webinars
  • Select ‘sync data’ from newly scheduled webinars checkbox. This will then allow newly created webinars to automatically sync contacts and timeline events to your HubSpot account.
  • Sync webinars to ensure new registrants and participants are in HubSpot
  • Select a Zoom user which owns the webinar, wait for webinar list to refresh and toggle a checkbox in the Sync column. Note that the Sync checkbox is disabled for past webinars since there is nothing to auto-sync anymore.
  • Resync All Data from previous webinars
  • Select a Zoom user which owns the webinar and hover a cursor on top of the webinar you're interested in. A Resync all data button should appear. Click on it to launch manual data sync. Note, that you can manually sync a webinar only once every few minutes. After clicking the ‘Resync All Data’ button, a notification will appear to advise you of the status of this sync

To do this, go to:

  • Connected Apps
  • Find Zoom integration and go to the settings page

*This update is now live and available to all HubSpot users with the Zoom app installed.

Get Notified About Zoom Clod Recordings on the Contact Record


Have you ever thought it would be beneficial to get directly notified on a contact record in Hubspot when a Zoom recording is available?

Just re-authenticate Zoom within your HubSpot portal and you are good to go!

This feature continues to expand Hubspot’s all-in-one features so you don’t have to leave HubSpot and you can also share recording links with others. 

To do this, go to:

  • Your connected apps page
  • Go to the “Update Available” tag which will prompt you to re-authenticate the Zoom app
  • You will need to be a HubSpot Super Admin who is also the Zoom Admin and use the password protection provided by Zoom for their recordings

*This update is now live and available to all Marketing and CMS Hub Starter, Professional, and Enterprise users and available in all languages supported by HubSpot.


Email Marketing in HubSpot WordPress Plugin


This update allows you to send email campaigns directly from WordPress!

Just use a HubSpot form or chat to auto capture contacts in your HubSpot CRM, and then organize contacts into lists and send an email campaign within WordPress.

To do this, go to:

  • HubSpot WordPress plugin
  • Go to the left hand side bar within WordPress to access your HubSpot Email Marketing 

*Any Wordpress and HubSpot user has access to this feature


That concludes our August 2020 HubSpot Product Updates. 

Want to get caught up on previous updates? Here's a list from the past.

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