Adam Stahl helps the Databox blog breakdown dashboards vs. reports

Remotish HubSpot Agency Adam Stahl featured in Databox article for reports vs dashboards

Remotish digital project strategist Adam Stahl was recently featured on the Databox blog in the article, "Dashboard vs Report: Similarities and Differences," with insights related to daily reporting and thoroughly analyzing data.

In this article, B2B SaaS writer Masooma Memon interviewed experts about the differences and similarities between dashboards and reports, including topics such as: what is a dashboard, what is a report, and when businesses should use one over the other.

In this blog, we'll recap a few highlights from Adam's contributions.

On businesses using dashboards for daily reporting

“I feel as though data dashboards are to the modern marketer and sales professional what the daily weather report was to my father. As the owner of a landscaping business, the first thing he would do in the morning was make a cup of tea and turn on the weather report.

Now, I make a cup of tea and sit down in front of my dashboards to review the daily insights most relevant for me to make informed data-driven decisions.”

On the value that dashboards offer businesses

Dashboards are kind of like a 4-course meal. Your data serves as the ingredients and reports are the individual courses (appetizer, soup, entree, dessert).

That 4-course meal bundling shows the value you are getting through those individual pieces but also provides higher-level insights for improved decision making (for example, it could help you avoid the short-term pitfall of filling up on soup because you need to save room for that delicious dessert just down the line)!”

On when to use dashboards vs. reports

“One way to visualize this is the dashboard of your car. You’ve got at-a-glance information displays for your fuel level, oil and engine temperature, miles per gallon performance, and other higher-level information that you can gain insights from.

If your check engine light comes on, you’ll need to do more granular diagnostic testing or reporting to uncover the cause of that reported data. Those more thorough diagnostic tests are not likely ‘reports’ that you’d want on your car dashboard at all times. You only want to pull and reference those when the data on your dashboard indicates that something unexpected is happening.”

Read more insights from Adam and other experts in the full article by clicking the button below:

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