A Sneak Peak at HubSpot’s Inbound 2019

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We are proud to be a HubSpot Gold Tiered Partner Agency, and with this comes exclusive access to all the hot action happening at the company.

In this blog, get a sneak peak at NEW releases and updates being announced next week at HubSpot’s biggest event of the year...Inbound 2019.

HubSpot's Inbound 2019

So you can't make it to HubSpot's Inbound 2019 next week? No worries, we've got you covered! Check out some of the newest trends in marketing, sales, and customer service and specific updates to their Marketing, Sales and Service Hub tools and the NEW and improved Platform Ecosystem.

Fueling Your Flywheel with Proven Service Hub Tactics

Michael Redbord, General Manager of Service Hub will be showing you real life examples from HubSpot users on how they're using Service Hub to fuel growth from their customers...and he’s calling this, ‘Turning Funnels into Flywheels.

He reminds us of the 4 tactics Brian Halligan mentioned at Inbound 2018 to do this, as well:

  1. Delight customers
  2. Put the customer first
  3. Eliminate friction 
  4. Build word of mouth

So you might be thinking...how do you actually implement something like this in Hubspot?

Well, here’s one example below and he'll be sharing a couple more of these awesome real life case studies in his sessions at Inbound.

Build a workflow flow using Service Hub

  • Start by getting customer feedback by sending out an Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey 
  • Wait a couple minutes after you get your scores
  • Send an email back to the respondents that gave you high scores and you ask if you can use their feedback in a testimonial
  • Then you can create a ticket in a special ticket pipeline so you can track your progress

Inbound 2019_Service Hub

Frictionless Selling Framework for Sales Hub

Lou Orfanos, General Manager of Sales Hub, will be introducing a new framework called 'Frictionless Selling!' 

He will be speaking about what this framework means, and you won't want to miss his NEW Product Feature session at Inbound for Sales Hub. 

He'll also go into more detail about how the world of buying products and services changes daily due to companies matching their business models to meet their buyer's expectations.

For all you sales folks out there, he reminds us: it's not about WHAT you sell, but it’s HOW you sell - and it's a necessity to remove friction as quickly as possible to do this. 

HubSpot is calling these people that can remove this friction from the selling and buying process ‘Experience Disrupters.'

These people removed friction from the selling processes and are improving the performance of their sales teams.

Check out his Inbound sessions to learn more about how you can you take your business and how you sell -- and match it to these emerging buyer expectations.

Inbound 2019_Sales Hub


CRM-Driven Marketing in Marketing Hub

Nicholas Holland, General Manager of Marketing Hub will be speaking about the improvements to Marketing Hub and what's coming down the road that will enable you to deliver better experiences and maximize marketing ROI across the entire flywheel.

Topics during his Inbound sessions will include:

  • How the flywheel can help create an even better customer journey.
  • Experience Disrupters for marketing as well as sales.
  • What’s a differeniator for your company if technology no longer is.
  • Today's marketer has to think about CRM-driven marketing.
  • How you do take the data, your platform and all the touch points, and actualize it in your marketing efforts?
  • The marketer has to focus on ALL parts of the flywheel, how the data gets into the CRM, and how do we take the data back out? This includes creating sales enablement materials, sales playbooks, creating case studies, social proof for validation and nurturing campaigns for marketing and sales qualified leads. 
  • Advanced marketers are also driving advocacy now by using customers to create case studies, testimonials, reviews, referral partners who help get more leads, etc. 
  • CRM + Marketing is the secret sauce moving into 2020.
  • How can the marketer feel more empowered and track ROI they are bringing to the table?

Inbound 2019_Marketing Hub


HubSpot... the 'All ON One System'

Nancy Riley, General Manager of Platform Ecosystem (the Connect Program re-branded), will share some of the newest integrations and will be offering a look into what's coming next for app users.

She will also cover HubSpot's intention of transitioning from an "All-IN-One" to an "All-ON-One" platform that will enable you to expand your use of the platform creating more opportunities to solve your customers pain points.

Some of the topics in her Inbound sessions will include:

  • One of the top pain points HubSpot hears about marketing technology is about the endless software tools on the market today.
  • The businesses that are going to win are ones with exceptional customer experiences, and a powerful CRM is the CORE of this. LOTS of new announcements about improvements to this tool.
  • The ecosystem of partners is growing and HubSpot has committed to being an ‘open’ platform now, enabling integrations to seamlessly connect into HubSpot more than ever before.
  • There are currently 300+ partners in the new ecosystem program and it continues to grow daily.
  • A NEW and IMPROVED App Marketplace with a super delightful user experience is being launched at Inbound 2019! 

    Inbound 2019_Platform Ecosytem


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