A Hubspot Agency's Top 10 Tips For Remote Working

Did you know that working remotely was the norm before offices and commuting existed? Pre-Industrial Revolution, most people would set up shop at residences to sell their goods. 

Fast forward to automation, factories and the rise of corporate headquarters post WW2 - this was the beginning of offices lined with cubicles and 8hr work days. Once computer and technology hit the scene, remote working started again and gained massive popularity in the last two decades. 

Now with social distancing to flatten the curve of COVID-19, 2020 will go down in history as the year the entire world went back to remote work.  

In this blog, our HubSpot Agency shares 10 tips for mastering the art of working from home. 

Our HubSpot Agency's Top 10 Remote Working Tips

Tanya Schroeder, Client Services Support Specialist

1) This seems incredibly basic, but water up! I have a 1L re-useable bottle that I refill throughout the day. Between talking on phone calls, stretch breaks and morning and afternoon cups of coffee, making sure I'm hydrated keeps my energy level sustained. For people who are not used to working from home, I think this is very easy to forget. If you already don't drink enough water or have trouble moving your body, schedule in quick 5-10 minute movement and hydration breaks in your calendar.

water bottle_A Hubspot Agencys Top 10 Tips for Remote Working

Chiara Burns, Senior Content Specialist

2) I like to designate a space for work. Wherever that is, and use it for work only. That way when I go to sit down in that space my brain knows what it's time to do.

work space_A Hubspot Agencys Top 10 Tips for Remote Working

Kamlesh Kamaliya, HubSpot Developer

3) Our health is important, so I like to create a routine and stick to it. Taking short breaks from the computer to stand up or walk around and play music while I'm working. For me, staying productive and mentally healthy while working remote is key.

take breaks_A Hubspot Agencys Top 10 Tips for Remote Working

Jen Bergren - Senior HubSpot Consultant

4) It's hard to choose just one! Make sure your team's calendars are visible to each other, with clear hours blocked off when they are not available. If you're the type who will sit all day at your desk at home, from when you get out of bed until bedtime, mark off a few hours break time on your calendar to get your 'healthy human' routine done for the day: exercise, errands, cooking, eating, etc. That way no-one will expect a response from you and you won't feel attached to your devices 24/7. My best advice, don't end up sitting in front of your computer all day and night. Taking breaks makes you more productive when you return.

exercise_A Hubspot Agencys Top 10 Tips for Remote Working

James Le, HubSpot Consultant

5) Make sure to enjoy the benefits! Play music while you’re working, walk around your neighborhood, work from various areas in your home ...like the couch! Make yourself some tea and bust out some push ups. Remote work allows you to enjoy yourself, let loose, while being more productive.

work from couch_A Hubspot Agencys Top 10 Tips for Remote Working

Alan Del Rosario, Senior HubSpot Coordinator

6) Share something funny once in a while. It encourages others to follow suit and is essential for the morale of the team.

funny_A Hubspot Agencys Top 10 Tips for Remote Working

Mayra Ortiz, Interactive Designer

7) I like to pretend I'm going to an office or meeting someone in person that day. Taking a shower, putting on a casual outfit and minimal make-up helps my mindset change to work mode. Also, for music 'ChilledCow' Youtube channel is sooo goood (lo-fi music). Oh and a to-do list before going to bed helps so much to know what to work on the next day.

get ready for work_A Hubspot Agencys Top 10 Tips for Remote Working

Mariana Godsen, Senior HubSpot Coordinator

8) I think working remote requires more planning than it seems, as you can easily skip a meal or your exercise routine. One of the most important things to understand is your prime time to work! If you have the luxury of being remote AND flextime (meaning you don't have set hours), work when you feel most productive. When I first started with CMO, I was forcing myself to work 9am-5pm, but the truth is, I am a lot more focused at night. Create a routine that works best for you.

work at night_A Hubspot Agencys Top 10 Tips for Remote Working

Nicole Turner, Demand Gen Specialist

9) Once I mastered a calendar management process that works for me, remote working became a breeze! As a Demand Gen Specialist that gets randomly booked for meetings with prospects, I needed a process that would allow my work calendar to stay free for calls between specific times during the day, but I also wanted to have a place to create what my ideal day would look like if I didn't receive any calls. I ended up with a personal Google calendar for everything and an Outlook calendar for all work related meetings and personal appointments that would make it impossible to take a phone call at that time. These both get updated throughout the day and then a once over before bed so I can plan my morning for the next day. 

calendar management_A Hubspot Agencys Top 10 Tips for Remote Working

Nicole Pereira, CEO and HubSpot Strategist

10) Invest in a very comfortable headset because you may be wearing it for long periods of time while on conference calls.

headset_A Hubspot Agencys Top 10 Tips for Remote Working




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