[6.13.2019] HubSpot Product Updates

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We are only halfway through June, and HubSpot has already announced several updates to the platform.

Here we explain what’s new on API limits, Social Media tools, Forms, HubSpot Mobile app, and the duplication tool.

Check out below and see how you can better use these tools!

API Limits

This June, all HubSpot customers will see an increase in API limits for calls made via HubSpot’s API Key. That means your company and usage integration will grow at the same level from now on.

Normally, you would have to develop your calls under HubSpot’s limits of 40,000 calls per day, or 160,000 if you use the API add-on. Now your limits are:

  • Free or starter - 250,00 per day with a burst limit of 100 calls per 10 seconds
  • Professional and Enterprise -  500,000 per day with a burst limit of 100 calls per 10 seconds

  • API Key with Add-on - 1,000,000 per day with a burst limit of 120 calls per 10 seconds


Social Media Tools

If your account is Professional or Enterprise, you will notice a new default when you look at ‘publish anywhere’ social reports. If that’s not for you, you can opt-out by the end of July.

But there are so many more updates on the Social Media tool for all users:

  • Now you can view ‘Top Posts’ on your reports, and find out which posts had the most interactions

top posts

  • Previously, networks connected to HubSpot expired within 90 days of inactivity. Now that includes Twitter as well. But don’t worry, you will get an email before they do that

  • Twitter Timelines and Sent Messages were removed from the tools on June 10th. They were not very popular! You can see those by logging into your Twitter account directly

  • HubSpot is also working on limiting the number of social accounts that new portals can connect, how many posts can be scheduled per month, and how far in the future they can be scheduled

  • When you connect a social network to HubSpot, it will pull data from the past 60 days, even if the posts were not published using HubSpot.


New Editor for Form Labels

HubSpot upgraded their Form editor to help you style your labels. Before, you would have to use custom HTML. Now, with just a click, you can choose options such as bold, italic, underline, and hyperlink.

If you use custom HTML for the options mentioned above, it’s all good! However, if you used them for other styling like changing colors, size, or to adding a custom script, HubSpot recommends that you update your forms by July 15th, so you don’t lose anything.

form label

HubSpot Mobile App


This is an important update for your Sales Team! Starting on June 19th, the HubSpot Sales Calling (VoIP) will no longer be available.

Now, when you make a call from the HubSpot Mobile App, it will actually use your cell phone provider instead of HubSpot calling partners. The main difference is that you won’t be able to record the call, but you will still be able to log any notes and information from that call.

HubSpot recommends that you download the mobile apps of their calling partners to track your calls directly on the CRM.


Managing Duplicate Contacts and Companies

Manage duplicates blur

We know you’ve had to merge contacts at some point in your HubSpot life! The good news is that now you can use that same feature to merge companies as well. This was actually the second most requested feature on the ideas forum, and now it’s a reality for Pro and Enterprise accounts.

HubSpot uses an AI tool to find duplicate contacts and companies and make the merging task easier.

To navigate this feature, go to Actions > Manage > Duplicates. This will take you to another screen with a pair of potentially duplicated records that you can review and merge, or simply dismiss.

We hope those updates are helpful to you! If you want to know more about HubSpot, request a consultation now.



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