5 Ways to Use HubSpot Video [Start Today]

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Video traffic will be 82% of all internet traffic by 2022. An excellent video marketing strategy for your business is here to stay.

Packed with features such as sharing videos in emails and workflows, leveraging the power of video opens up more opportunities to connect with audiences.

Let’s explore a few ways to use HubSpot Video for your inbound marketing strategy.

What is HubSpot Video?

If you’re a HubSpot Professional and Enterprise user, you can add videos to website pages, blogs, and landing pages for free with HubSpot Video. Creating, hosting, and analyzing videos is all done within HubSpot and you can host up to 250 videos. 

Below are 5 ways you can start using HubSpot Video today. 

1. Relationship Building

Having an actual voice for the company will make a great impression on prospects and customers.

Building trust takes time, but videos help build stronger relationships by explaining why you do what you do. The flywheel is HubSpot’s process of valuing relationships. It revolves around the customer through continuous growth.

Videos can create a personal touch that will help drive force through the different stages of the flywheel: attract, engage, and delight.

Hubspot Flywheel

2. Product and Service Demonstrations

Seeing a product or service in action will bring tremendous value to prospects. Viewers are 64-85% more likely to buy after watching a video. This is great addition to your HubSpot inbound marketing strategy.

Videos can help buyers imagine and only think of using your product or service throughout the buyer’s journey. HubSpot defines the buyer’s journey as “the process buyers go through to become aware of, consider and evaluate, and decide to purchase a new product or service.”

After identifying your company’s buyer’s journey, be creative and make the path of your buyer’s journey exciting with the use of video. 

Buyer's Journey

3. CTAs and Forms in Videos

Videos on landing pages can increase your conversion rate by 80%.

The beauty of using HubSpot video is integrating CTAs and forms directly in your videos. This creates a dynamic experience and adds another medium to your lead generation strategy.

add-form-or-cta_hubspot video


4. Create Courses & Training Videos

HubSpot Academy offers free training to learn and brush up on your marketing skills.

You can do the same for your services and attract prospects to consider choosing you over the competition.

Another way to use HubSpot Video is to create internal training courses for your teams and save time with employee processes.


5. An Improved FAQ and Help Guide

We’ve all been through the situation where we get frustrated reading instructions on how to fix a problem, and it still doesn’t get solved.

Communicating instructions through video helps fill in the gaps. We want someone to show us step by step process of how it’s done.

You can also record your screen and send answers that are tailor-made for your customers.

Man watching video_HubSpot Video

Ready to Implement Hubspot Video?

These were a few ways to use HubSpot Video for your inbound marketing strategy. Are you ready to get started? Want to chat to a HubSpot expert that will help you succeed? 

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