About Us

Your HubSpot Dream Team

Remotish is hyper-focused on servicing companies that plan to use or currently have HubSpot. We have been keeping up on our HubSpot skills since 2013.


This means you are always going to work with a HubSpot Expert who is invested in being the most efficient and strategic HubSpot resource for your business.


If you have invested in the HubSpot platform and feel that you can get more from it, then we are the team for you.


The Remotish Mission, Core Values, and Promises

How we stay the path!

Mission Statement

We empower organizations by digitizing manual revenue processes to accelerate growth

We are HubSpot wizards at your service: Ready to slay your CRM dragons, share our tomes of knowledge, and indoctrinate you into our order of best practices. Bippity boppity, it’s time to get HubSpotty!


Core Values

*Rolls up shirt sleeves*
Bring Curiosity
Explore for creative and inspirational ideas that challenge the ordinary
Be Accountable
Be ruthlessly reliable about our words, our actions, and our outcomes
Humans First
Bring uncompromised honesty and integrity in everything we do
Always Grow
Look beyond the present to bring positive change
Innovate Through Collaboration
Build better things together

Our Promises

Time Promise
We promise to value time. It's a way of telling our future selves that we will make time for what's important to us. By valuing time, we create a more positive future for ourselves and those around us.
Communication Promise
We promise to always communicate. Proactive and honest communication is key to a supportive partnership. If we have something on our mind, we will share it. We also promise to listen. Not just with our ears, but with every fiber of our being. When the other person is speaking, we lean in and give them our full attention.
Respect Promise
We promise to respect and care for each other. This is vital for any relationship. It's something that should be at the core of how we interact with one another. If we can't promise to respect and care for each other, then the relationship will likely not survive.


Sr. Client Success Strategist - Program Lead

"People helping people. It's powerful stuff."

Their motto: Jeremy Grey, Wedding Crashers
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  • Committed to educating, mobilizing, and immersing in community activism
  • Loves every moment of plogging & plalking (picking up litter while walking or jogging)
  • Fully trusts in a 'team first' mentality 
  • Believes that transformative ideas can come from anyone at any time! Everyone has a voice - sometimes they just need an amplifier
  • Will never stop wondering & questioning... everything! 
  • Brings 15+ years of project management, client success, and operational & process management experience 


  • Reading & seeking to better understand human behavior
  • Spending time with family & friends 
  • Lifting & running many, many miles... consecutively 
  • Fishing, camping & just being outdoors
  • Thinking & talking to myself

The Pets of Remotish

Let's face it, these petployees are really in charge ;)
Camille Balhorn

Mika - Camille's friend

Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen

Diego "OD" - Melissa's whole world

OD is not "A" good boy, he is "The" good boy.

Nala - Kristen's Pug

If she's not hungry, she's asleep!

Auggie - Chris' friend

Crazy and smart buddy

Caju - Carol's Dog

Loves popsicles and broccoli

Java - Nick's Bunny

Eat all day and jump high!

Vinny - Ãndrea's BFF

Lord Commander of the Snack Watch. King of the Kitchen, Sofa, and Bed.

Mocha - Nicole's dog

Named after her favorite coffee!
Flynn - Nicole's dog

Flynn - Nicole's dog

Grumpy on days ending with a y.

Kaia & Wilder - Liam's friends

There's nothing better in life than a best friend

London - Shyanne's Dog

Her motto is chew it or chase it!

Bailey - Adam's Dog

If she fits, she sits. If it exists, she chews.