Hubspot Consultant


  • Master troubleshooter and the first person you go to to solve your problems

  • 5 years of experience developing marketing strategy

  • Customer funnel detective specialized in discovering your customer's buying journey

  • Amateur guitar player that you will never hear play

  • Read "Ulysses" by James Joyce and didn't pretend to understand it
Hello Video-James


The present is a gift and I just wanna be.


Fighting for the User

Marketing Strategy

Project Management

Turning problems into opportunities


  • Service with a smile
  • Being your point man
  • Listing notable film directors and their works from memory


  • Skiing down big mountains
  • Playing video games from the early 90's
  • Food... food counts as a hobby!

Blog - Things James Wrote

HubSpot CMS Migration
08 Dec 20
With the launch of their beefed up HubSpot CMS, HubSpot made a statement that they were committed ...
James Le
By James Le
01 Dec 20
Workflows are the swiss army knife of HubSpot. They can be used for anything. Need to create a ...
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24 Aug 20
Most companies spend a ton of money getting traffic to their site. They run paid media campaigns, ...
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27 Jul 20
One of the most fundamental concepts in modern marketing is the idea of the buyer’s journey. Taken ...
James Le
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Sales and marketing alignment team all hands in.
15 Jun 20
The division and conflict between marketing and sales is probably as old as the conflict between ...
James Le
By James Le
08 May 20
If you already use the HubSpot platform for your marketing and sales team, you may be seeing a lot ...
James Le
By James Le
25 Apr 20
Are sales stagnant? Is your marketing not getting done? Did you buy HubSpot and now wish you were ...
James Le
By James Le
13 Mar 20
Are you not seeing the data and results from HubSpot that you'd hoped for? The solution... organize ...
James Le
By James Le