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Chief Martech Officer Is Now Remotish

We’re big Simon Sinek fans over here at Remotish (previously Chief Martech Officer). His principles from Start With Why have become so ingrained in business culture that most everyone knows what ...
Picture of Remotish Remotish 4 Min Read
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5 Innovative Ways To Reduce Customer Churn Now

Picture of Remotish Remotish 12 Min Read
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Customer Retention Rate [5 Tools to Keep Customers Happy]

You’ve spent countless hours acquiring your customers by doing tasks such as:
Picture of Remotish Remotish 13 Min Read
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July 2020 Hubspot Product Updates

If you use HubSpot, the monthly product updates are a must to keep track of, so you can stay up-to-date with all the new features, tools and changes to the platform.
Picture of Remotish Remotish 12 Min Read
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A Better Way to Use the HubSpot Buyer's Journey

One of the most fundamental concepts in modern marketing is the idea of the buyer’s journey. Taken at face value, it also happens to be one of the least useful ways to think about marketing and how ...
Picture of James Le James Le 14 Min Read
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How HubSpot Lead Scoring Will Make You Find New Customers

Technology has revolutionized lead generation. Prior to 1989, companies relied on the media, mail, phone, salespeople and in-person visits (member when people use to knock on doors!?!?). This doesn't ...
Picture of Remotish Remotish 20 Min Read
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Revenue Reporting in HubSpot and Beyond

If sales is called the lifeblood of a company, the result of sales — revenue— is actually what keeps the company alive. As former Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt is known for saying, "Revenue ...
Picture of Jen Bergren Jen Bergren 27 Min Read
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