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Introducing XaaSSpot: A Podcast Helping XaaS Grow With HubSpot

Are you an 'As-A-Service' company that uses HubSpot? Well you're in luck because we are proud to introduce to you the world's first podcast dedicated to helping XaaS (otherwise known as Anything-As-A-Service) master all things HubSpot! In this first episode, our host Nicole Turner, HubSpot / Demand Gen Specialist at Chief Martech Officer interviews Nicole Pereira, Chief Martech Officer's CEO and Founder of XaaSSpot.  

We hope you enjoy!  

Watch the video above or read the interview below

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Host: All right, welcome! 

Today we've got Nicole Pereira, Chief Martech Officer’s (CMO) founder and also founder of the new XaasSpot Podcast

How's it going today, Nicole? 


Guest: I'm doing good...how are you, Nicole?


Host: Very well, thank you. 

So tell the listeners a little bit about CMO, what's so cool about it?

Guest: Well, we're remote and you work with me, which is amazing…[lol]


Host: [lol]I do.


Guest: I love that you work with me. 

You have my namesake which is great, can't have enough Nicole's out there! 

So CMO is a HubSpot certified partner agency, that specializes in helping as-a-service companies. So I thought it would be valuable that we share our wisdom as it relates to as-a- service companies using HubSpot.


Host: So why did you choose HubSpot... out of all the platforms out there you can pick from these days?


Guest: I sort of just fell into it.

I wasn't trying to be a HubSpot all-star when I was growing up as a kid. 


Host: are you sure about that? [lol]


Guest: [lol]yeah, I wasn't aiming for that, but landed in it in 2013, in the early, early days of HubSpot with my former job. 

My boss at the time had me go out and try to find some tools that would host our website, social, email, landing pages and all these things that we needed, and I didn't want to have a bunch of tools that I had a string together. I had been doing that for a long time and was really tired of having disparate systems, not having everything in one place, and not being able to track everything. 

So the all-in-one approach really was attractive to me and worked really well with that job. And so it sort of carried on, as a skill and an offering, as I started multiple agencies over the years, and that brings us to where we're at today, where now it's 100% of what we specialize in.


Host: Awesome. So we covered CMO, HubSpot, can you now tell the listeners why you decided to create this podcast called XaaSSpot?


Guest: I wanted to start this podcast because we have a lot of clients who do the same thing.

Many are software as-a-service or some other type of service-based cloud offering, and they have the same problems over and over and over again. So they hire us and we go and help them solve their problems. But sometimes, I really wish they could talk to each other, or that they had a forum, because we could be solving problems quicker with this type of mind share. 

So the show has a couple goals:

  1. To give people who are using HubSpot, or as-a-service companies, a forum to share their quick wins, what they're doing, and what they like and don't like about the platform.

  2. To give these users of HubSpot the opportunity to learn from their peers, since at this time, HubSpot doesn't necessarily do the best job of making as-a-service companies realize how effective they could be in the tool. 

HubSpot is sort of built for the long sales cycles, the high touches, and frequent touches needed by sales people, but the more transactional side of SaaS (software as-a-service) companies can work really well in HubSpot when you hook the hook it in (what were you trying to say here?). They just need to know how to do it.

Host: So what's your favorite feature in the system?


Guest: It's a free feature... the pop-up tool, which acts like a little micro-workflow! 

You essentially have a pop-up, leading to a form with a CTA, which leads to an offering. This could then trigger an email. This is one of the quickest ways to lead generation and nurturing, without having to know how to design a landing page or do anything crazy. 

So if you have some sort of premium content piece, there’s no reason that you couldn't get a pop-up going in less than an hour, and start converting on your website. 

It's totally free, I seriously don’t know why people don't use it more! 


Host: Yeah, I agree. There are lots of free tools in HubSpot that are pretty cool. 

So what would you say your biggest win is so far with HubSpot is?


Guest: You know, I think it's a shared win... every time we're able to tighten up sales cycles and make those go a little faster, so our clients are actualizing revenue quicker - that seems to be one of the most valuable things we can do over and over again.

Also creating a combination of operational efficiency and building new opportunities in HubSpot, many people buy the platform and don't realize that you actually need to develop strategy and processes to properly set up this tool for success. 

When HubSpot users don’t factor in strategy and processes, they actually spend more time than they should, to do the tasks they need to do. So it’s important and extremely valuable when we're able to help our clients become more efficient in the tool - on the front and backend.

This helps them to not only be capable of taking in new opportunities, but all of a sudden they have a revenue generating machine! 

That's what makes it so special. If you can't replicate that win, then I believe there's no real magic going on.


Host: So if you could change one thing about HubSpot, what would it be?


Guest: On the really technical side, I think HubSpot can improve their DNS management and how they handle domains in HubSpot. It currently only handles your subdomain, leaving you to figure out how to deal with the rest somewhere else. There's other CMS’s that operate in a similar way, but it's not necessarily the most efficient way to go about it. 

Typically, you want to house your domain in the same place you're hosting it, and it would make our jobs a lot easier on behalf of our clients as well.

Host: Thank you so much for being here with us today and sharing your story Nicole! I hope our listeners enjoyed that.


Guest: Yeah, no problem. I look forward to seeing the rest of the episodes!


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