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3 Things You Shouldn't Sleep on with HubSpot Marketing Automation

Who doesn’t love marketing automation?

It's adored by marketers for saving time with certain tasks. However, when it’s in the wrong hands or left unchecked, it can unleash an unpleasant experience for your clients and create a bad impression for prospects.

How many times have you wanted to bash your phone because of a slow and terrible phone automation system?

People will love you when your marketing automation is done right.

Here are 3 HubSpot marketing automation systems that should be checked on and properly nurtured.

1. Email Workflows 

Daffy Duck

What it feels like to have a bad email workflow

How annoying is it when you keep receiving sales emails for a product or service you already purchased? Or what about when you open one of those emails and see a discounted price that wasn't offered to you!

The creation of email workflows are one of the answers to an email marketer's prayers.

However, a time saver becomes a time waster as you're fixing the chaos.

This obtuse behavior also increases their chances of unsubscribing.

Here are a few ways to avoid smashing into things when running a workflow

  • Have a clear goal of where your leads end up
  • Review triggers and other actions
  • Test the workflow

2. Social Media

Set it and forget it

Great for the rotisserie, but not for social media

HubSpot’s social media management software is an excellent tool for scheduling social media posts across your social accounts.

You can say goodbye to shifting through all of your social accounts and posting on a daily basis. Having content mapped out and ready to go for the week or month is a great feeling.

At the same time, don’t forget to inspect if the scheduled content is:

  • Relevant to what’s trending
  • Up to date with current issues

An example is when the COVID-19 crisis hit the world. Imagine scrolling through LinkedIn and seeing businesses address the issue and what they're doing to serve their clients and communities.

Meanwhile, your post sounds oblivious and stands out poorly.

That's not the ideal way to communicate to the world.

3. Chatbot

The Gunslinger

You really don’t want a chat automation that doesn’t understand you

Make the chatbot your ally instead of something you want to pull the plug on. Chatbots are happy to qualify leads and answer questions on your behalf 24/7.

According to Forbes, 62% of US consumers have shown interest with using chatbots when interacting with businesses.

Business Insider claims that 80% of companies plan or are already using chatbots.

In addition, visitors get frustrated with wasting their time in a conversation that goes nowhere. Therefore, it's crucial to elevate the customer experience and prevent embarrassing errors by:

  • Creating a strategy
  • Review the chatflow
  • Test the interaction


HubSpot marketing automation will work wonders for your sales, marketing, and customer service teams when it's correctly optimized.

You can see how highly-targeted and specific content to a certain audience will provide RevOps assistance with driving growth across the customer lifecycle.

Also, check out our post that highlights what a RevOps agency can do for you:

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